The Stressful Party of Lets-Us-Call-People-Who-Different-With-Us-As-Munafiq

I was once, like everyone else, had a Facebook account. And by the like of my sentence, I hope that you would get that by now, I don’t have a Facebook account. Otherwise I don’t use the ‘had’ thing in my sentence. Well, when it comes to this, you may ask why I do not have it?
And I have the answer for you.
And the answer is for the one who wants to know it. I don’t care for those who doesn’t want to know. But if you stumble this post and read it until this chapter, behold that, actually you-really-want-to-know although you stated it in your heart that actually, ‘I don’t wanna know’.
And my answer is simple.
I just having some stressful period of time reading people status in Facebook calling people munafiq all the time just by not agreeing with them.
This party members should really need to re-organise their thought.
How come the labeling thing went so easy in this generation? Things likemunafikkafir, sesat, and other negative, foul labels went so easy on the mouth of Malaysian nowadays. I just love to see how the carefree people; ranging from young and old, hanging out in warong-warong with their sarong on, and added with pioh lembek, sometimes with an extra feature with most of them having cigarettes dangling on their dark, dry and chapped lips, saying; this anu, thispolan is munafik. How Islam is served uglier on a plate of non Muslim by the cooking of stupid, fitnah-bringer Muslim.
And it all came from their leader, their prominent ulama, some of them, giving out statement about munafik-things. Now the thing that bother my mind is, if their matured and experienced leader can came up to this labeling things so easy, how come can we expect the young ones in this party acts differently? The reality shown by them is the visual of them flapping their mouth, mimicking ‘munafik‘ word like a parrot easier than their own leader.
I’ve became sick of this thing so-called jemaah.
I always wonder, Malaysia is an Islamic state, (I don’t wanna get into particular detail about Malaysia is an Islamic state or not, if it is an Islamic state, why the hudud thing became so weird for most of Malaysian, or if it is not an Islamic state, what say you about the Sultanate? All of them are Muslim, and Agong, the leader of the state, is also a Muslim, etc, so just let us assume Malaysian is an Islamic state) so there are a lot of the things called jemaah. There is tabligh, there is PAS, there is ISMA, IKRAM, PKPIM, ABIM, JIM, etc.
So which one?
Ah, stress.
And the stress-period-time of mine is not just that, I also had a sickness seeing opposition party bickering among themselves right now at this moment; fighting for the seat of Chief Minister for Selangor.
And it all happened in the peak of Palestine-slaughtering season by Israel, and in the midst of the late MH17 and MH370 disaster.
Well, Malaysian.

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